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The following is a special message from the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
Elephant Emergency In Chad
Help elephants today. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has learned that 86 elephants -- 33 of them pregnant females -- have been gunned down by poachers in the Central African country of Chad. The ivory tusks have been hacked out and stolen. The ivory will be sold on the black market, and then eventually carved into products nobody needs.

The ivory trade threatens to wipe out many populations of elephants - and this massacre of pregnant mothers shows that poachers will stop at nothing to get their hands on ivory.

Elephants are incredibly social -- they gather in extended families, the moms and aunts and cousins all live together. And they're known to play and cry and even mourn their own dead. Elephants don't deserve to die for the sake of an ivory ornament. Please help IFAW stop this cruelty today by making an emergency anti-cruelty donation to protect elephants and all animals.
 Help stop the cruelty
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